About Us

We are all about toys and yarn.  What began as an attempt to knit a stuffed toy from an instruction book became an almost obsessive need to create creatures using needles, crochet hooks and yarn and to document the process.  After filling three large notebooks full of creatures, we decided that the next step was to sell the patterns so someone else could catch the bug.

Its all about the patterns, but we have considered that people who didn't knit or crochet might like to have one of our creatures, so we have decided that there will always be some available for sale.

Also, if someone wants a specific pattern made in a special colour, we will take a special order.

Better yet, if someone has a particular drawing of their own, we can make it come to life for you. Ninny Me started as a drawing of the lady's alter ego and she is really a lot of fun to have around.  

We are a cottage industry, operating out of our home which comes complete with cats - the big fuzzy kind as well as the yarn kind.  For all creatures, we try to keep them in their own special plastic bags throughout their creation, but cannot guarantee that anyone with an allergy to cat dander won't be affected, so please consider this if you want to have one of our creatures come to live with you.  All toys are made with synthetic yarn and stuffing so are completely washable but after some experimentation, we have decided they don't do as well in the dryer.  

Our team is small.  The lady (who does all the creating and knitting), Ninny Me (who keeps the books and does pretty much everything else that needs to be done around our home) and the cats - Stan and Ollie (who enjoy playing with the rejected toy pieces) and little Mousie (who pretty much just tries to stay away from Stan and Ollie).  

We can be contacted at ws7389@telus.net and please try and check out Ninny Me's adventures on Instagram @ninnyme.